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American Industries – Our Company's History

In 1955 Pasquale Camputaro Sr. immigrated from Italy with a $100. In his pocket and an old world work ethic. Within the next year he saw the demand for the ever expanding construction boom of the 50’s. Hence Pasquale seized the opportunity and formed Roma Construction in the New Haven area as an excavating and general contractor.

It wasn’t long before Pasquale realized that a quality material supply source would become a crucial component of the building and excavation services they now performed. He first opened up a gravel operation in Beacon Falls, CT that would supply quality material for the his ever growing construction company as well as other site contractors. In 1971 Pasquale purchased another facility in Eastern CT and formed American Sand and Gravel.

In this location the company expanded the small aggregate material business that existed to include asphalt and concrete production. The base of operations moved from New Haven, CT area to the Jewett City, CT location.

In the early 80’s both of Pasquale’s sons, Joseph and Pat Jr. entered in the business. Each summer vacation and weekends both boys learned the construction business and the material supply business with a focus on quality. By the time the  boys graduated high  school they had an extensive knowledge of construction operation , Joseph was focusing on the concrete division and Pat Jr. on asphalt  division.

With the passing of Pasquale Sr. and his wife Maria (another integral part of the business) of American Sand and Gravel and Roma Construction, Pat Jr. and Joseph became president and vice president. In 1997 American Industries was formed to act as the umbrella company for the all the divisions. Since the formation of American Industries the Company has become a significant material manufacturer and contractor in Connecticut. The Company has focused their efforts on municipal and state highway construction and paving projects, earning multiple awards from the industry in for excellence performance. American Industries became a leader in paving projects through out the state including I-95, I-395 I-84, I-91 Rte. 2, Rte 9, and Rte 6  projects. In 2017 American Industries decided to expand its operations into the state Georgia with multiple locations and the installation of state of the art Asphalt manufacturing Plant.

American Industries will continue to serve Municipal, State and Private contractors with aggregate and asphalt production as well as material supply in both states. The Company’s operations in both states will include various paving services, trucking, excavating , milling and heavy highway construction. We strive to serve our customers with the highest quality material and services in the industry , we also work diligently to give our employees a family oriented work place where everyone counts.

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